Lost and Found

Please contact our Reception if you have lost or found a cat on the Isle of Wight on Tel:
03000 120251

If you have lost your cat…Here are a few suggestions to help you locate your cat, even if your cat is micro-chipped:
  • Contact all local animal welfare groups and vets to register the cat's details
  • Leaflet drop your local neighbourhood
  • Notices, suggesting reward to be displayed in shops or local businesses
  • Don't despair if you have recently adopted a cat - he may be hiding quite near. Are you sure he has left the house?
  • Check all outhouses, garages, under sheds and greenhouses
  • Are any neighbours on holiday? Could he be shut in?
  • Advertise in the local newspaper and local websites.

If you have found a cat...Here are a few suggestions on how to locate the owner:

  • Make note of when this cat arrived
  • Has anyone new moved into the neighbourhood?
  • Have your neighbours gone on holiday and left a friend to feed the cat?
  • Check collar for any owner details
  • Contact all local animal welfare groups and vets to register the cat's details. This cat may have been reported missing
  • If the cat is injured, contact the local vets
  • Scan the cat to check for micro-chipping
  • Are you able to feed the cat short term while the owner is found, or before an animal group can take him in for care?
Please do not worry if you cat comes home with a paper collar with your local Cats Protection phone number on. Especially during the hot summer months, we have lots of enquiries about ‘stray’ cats that have not been seen before in the area. To save moving the cat out of possibly its home territory, it has proved a great success to paper collar the cat, so the owner can contact us and we can advise the concerned party that all is well and the cat has an owner.

Useful tools to advertise or locate your lost pet

Currently we don't have a lot of time to spend on putting up new information on lost cats on the site, we are struggling to keep the cats on-site updated on the site as it is, we do still keep track of them in the centre though! If you have lost or found a cat then please check the facebook group above or ring the number at the top of this page to directly contact us about it.