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Cat returns home after sail across the Solent

13 January 2016
Cat returns home after sail across the Solent

A cat with a sense of adventure has now been reunited with her owners after stowing away on board a luxury motor cruiser.

Dolly, a rescue cat from the Isle of Wight, disappeared just over five weeks ago – leaving her owner Debs Murphy-Latham a little concerned for her safety. Little did she expect that the black and white rescue cat had made her way on board a yacht and sailed over to Poole in Dorset.

The three year old black-and-white cat was adopted from the Cats Protection branch in Ryde and is a valued member of the family for Debs and her daughters Natasha and Annabelle. Although her inquisitive nature has resulted in a few disappearances prior to her boat trip, she could usually be found around the island.

On this occasion, Debs and her daughters had almost given up hope of finding Dolly again until they received a phone call from the owner of the luxury boat. Fortunately, her microchip still had her details to trace back to her owners, resulting in a happy reunion.

“I think she has developed a taste for the high life”, said Debs “It’s not the first time she’s tried to board a yacht.” With Dolly safely returned to her home on the Isle of Wight, there’s hope that this cat has fulfilled her wanderlust for now!

Dolly the cat