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The Winter edition of our IOW Newsletter is now out!

10 December 2019
The Winter edition of our IOW Newsletter is now out!

It's been a truly magical year at the Centre! Find out more in our latest Island Mews     

Well, one thing’s for sure, 2019 was certainly a magical year for all our kittens!  113 kittens came in to our Centre and we managed to find loving new homes for them all.

It seemed like kittens were everywhere, including our cheeky little lad Pablo (you can see him in our newsletter), who soon took over manning our Reception desk. Pablo, together with his sister Mable, had been found as four week-old orphan kittens.  Hand-reared by our staff, they were brought into work every day and provided a warm welcome to all our visitors.

Kittens are not the only news however.  We’ve got some uplifting tales on cats that have really struggled to find homes due to medical conditions or being very shy – but have eventually fallen on their paws in loving forever homes.  

Sadly, we seem to get so many shy cats in our Centre, and they always get overlooked by visitors. Needless to say, we’d love to find more adopters (and foster carers!) who can help these poor little kitties gain confidence and blossom into loving companions. If you think you can help, or indeed if you have a shy cat, do take a look at some of the great ‘shy cat’ tips in the newsletter.  You’d be surprised what a difference you can make.

As always, we feature the latest news from our fundraising and volunteering team. Volunteering with Cats Protection is such a great way of meeting new people and learning new skills – and next year we’d love to welcome even more volunteers and of course, many more visitors.  

So whether you’re thinking of volunteering or adopting or just wanting to hear more about our cats, please read on.  Or come on over, we’d love to see you!

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