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Kitten care

Kitten care

Joel Scott, Deputy Manager at the National Cat Centre tells us all about the kitten season.

Kitten season is hotting up and we have lots of mums and kittens needing our care.

Although it is a wonderful time of year, it is also a sad time when we think of all the kittens that do not have anyone looking after them. This is why Cats Protection is really keen to get as many cats as possible neutered.

Kittens are really, really cute but also very messy! When our maternity section is full we can have over 200 cats in there which is a lot of litter trays to clean up.

In the morning we feed all the cats like we do in the other sections but we feed them in order of age and size. Newborn kittens will get fed and cleaned first; older kittens and cats will get fed and cleaned last. This is to stop any risk of the really small ones catching any nasty bugs from the older cats as they are vulnerable at a young age.

After feeding we clean them out. This can take ages and it seems like once you have cleaned out one pen and moved on to the next, the one you have just finished is already messed up. Although it is hard work it is very satisfying seeing the little kittens playing with each other.

At the moment we are doing physiotherapy on four of our kittens: Patrick, Penny, Percinonne and Pierre because their legs are not as strong as we would like, so three times a day we massage their legs. They seem to enjoy it! When they are up and walking well we will feel very proud of them.

Next time you will hear all about our isolation unit.

Joel Scott
Deputy Manager, National Cat Adoption Centre