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Giving a donation during 2018

We have been asked how they could donate some money either in a one off donation or by setting up a regular donation to help all during the year.  

An average of £400 is spent on each cat or kitten that comes into our Branch. Here is a guide to how your donation could help us: 
  • £5 can provide special milk for kittens for 10 days
  • £20 could feed a cat for over a month
  • £30 could pay for a cat to be neutered
  • £50 could provide important vaccinations including feline flu and enteritis


It is important to get your cat neutered to prevent unwanted kittens.  You can find out more about neutering at

If you are worried about the cost of neutering or have a large household of cats we can help pay towards it with a neutering voucher.  

Vet Treatment

If your cat or kitten needs vet treatment and you cannot afford it then please contact the PDSA