Rehoming a cat from Lanarkshire Branch

You will need to consider whether you can look after a cat for up to 20 years and if you are prepared to take him to the vet at least once a year for a check up and vaccination. There are other expenses such as feeding, litter and insurance while you will also need to make sure your cat is looked after if you go on holiday.

If you are interested in rehoming a cat or kitten with Lanarkshire Branch here is the process.

1. Contact Branch

Contact the Lanarkshire Branch on 01698 619219 or via email and note any particular cat that you would be interested in re-homing.  Cats available for rehoming can be viewed on our website by clicking on the cats for rehoming button.

2.    Speak to telephone volunteer
The telephone volunteer will ask you a number of questions to assess how suitable a particular cat would be for your circumstances e.g. do you live near a busy road, do you have a garden, do you have any other pets.

3.    Home visit
If your circumstances are suitable for a cat that we have in care then 2 of our volunteers will come to visit you at your home.   This gives you an opportunity to ask any questions about the cat and for our volunteers to answer your questions and give you further cat care information.  If at the end of the home visit we think that we have a cat suitable for your circumstances then we will give you a copy of the home visit questionnaire and details of the fosterer for the suitable cat.  More information on the home visit.

4.    Visit the fosterer
You would contact the fosterer directly to arrange to see the cat.  This is a good opportunity to decide whether this is the right cat for you and to ask the fosterer questions about the cat  e.g. what does it like to eat, what is its favourite toys.  Bring with you the question form that you were given at the home visit.

You are under no obligation during the re-homing process to re-home a cat.  If you change your mind, we understand.  It is better to change your mind before the cat has been rehomed to you.  If you are sure that you want to re-home the cat then you would speak to the fosterer to agree a date for you coming to collect the cat. 

5.    Collecting the cat
When coming to collect the cat you will require to bring with you:  any paperwork you have been given by the Branch,
a cat carrier (you will need it anyway for vet visits) your adoption fee which is £60 per cat or kitten.  Further information on your adoption fee.
The fosterer will give you all the paperwork for the cat.  It is very important to keep this safe as it gives details of their microchip, vaccination information, insurance etc.

Any questions, you can phone the Branch on 0845 371 4213