Lost and Found

If you have lost your cat

outdoor catIt is always very difficult for an owner when their cat goes missing but it is important not to give up hope. The first thing to do should your cat go missing is thoroughly search your house and garden, looking in warm spots (under beds, in cupboards and behind wardrobes). When searching call out your cat's name and use strong food smells to lure him or her out. Ask neighbours to check their sheds, garages and outhouses.
If your search proves fruitless start phoning around local veterinary surgeries (an injured cat may have been handed in), phone local animal rescue organisations and the local council.

You can contact us on 01698 619219 or post a photo on our Facebook page 
If your cat is microchipped it increases the chances of being reunited with you as vets will be able to scan the microchip.  Further details of microchipping can be found here: www.cats.org.uk/cat-care-microchipping

You could also consider placing an advert in the local paper and putting up a poster (Lost Cat Poster) offering a reward which could encourage more responses. Don't give up. Cats can reappear many months after going missing.
If you have found a stray cat

Given the nature of strays, we would encourage you to ask your neigbours whether there cat is missing. Often cats, believed to be strays, belong to someone local. Put up posters in your local area (use a photo if you have one and include a telephone number). Poster for found cat

In many cases, we will not be able to come out and collect a stray immediately and will ask you to feed the cat until we can get someone to trap him or her (especially in the summer). During the winter, we will ask whether there is somewhere sheltered for the cat to stay and food for him to eat, until we can get to you.

If a stray cat has been injured we ask the finder to take the cat to the nearest vet. Once the cat is stable and the vet confirms that it has no owner, they may contact Cats Protection and request that we take the cat into our care.
Thank you