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Neutering Advice

14 January 2013
Neutering Advice

One un-neutered female cat can be responsible for


in just five years!

Did you also know that:

Cats can become sexually active from just four months old;
It is not beneficial for a cat to have “just one litter" before being neutered;
Pregnancy is physically very demanding for a cat;
Repeated pregnancies take their toll on the mother.

Cats Protection recommends the neutering of male and female cats and kittens from four months of age, and they usually recover very quickly from the neutering operation.
If you would like to find your nearest veterinary practice that will neuter kittens from four months, please visit www.cats.org.uk/what-we-do/neutering.

Launceston Cats Protection neuters all the stray and unwanted cats brought into our care, and also kittens if they are old enough.  

We are usually able to assist with the neutering of feral cats and kittens, both practically by trapping or lending traps, and financially.    

Cat owners on benefits can apply to us for financial assistance as we may be able to help towards the cost of neutering.

Not only does neutering help reduce the number of unwanted cats, but it also has many benefits for both cats and their owners.  

Neutered cats are healthier:

Males are less likely to roam and fight and so are less likely to be injured or contract serious diseases 
which can be transmitted through biting and saliva, such as FIV or feline leukaemia; 
they are unable to develop tumours of the testicles;

Females don’t come into season and so are less likely to contract diseases 
such as FIV or feline leukaemia, which are spread by bites and sexually; 
they are unable to develop cancer of the ovaries or uterus and are less likely to develop mammary cancer.

Benefits for the owners include:

Financial ones, as healthier neutered cats shouldn’t need to go to the vets so often; 
neutered males are less likely to spray; 
neutered females won’t call. 

Please contact Mary on 01566 773814 for further information.