Post-adoption News

In these pages, we share some of the feedback received from the lovely people who have adopted one (or more) of the many cats and kittens in our care.

If you have a story to tell about a cat that you have adopted from us, then please email, with pictures if possible, to


November 2013
After being in our care for 15 months, our dear, 11- year-old Sylvie has finally found her forever home!

After the passing of their own, beloved, older cat, her new owners were looking to home a pair of kittens when Sylvie's story "jumped out" at them from our website's 'Special Plea' page.

They say she is "sweet and does a lot of trilling", has shown energy "bounds down the stairs when she hears food" and leaps over them if they are still in bed!  "On the first morning I woke to find her purring next to me on the duvet" says owner Janet, and "the fact that she is already sitting on our laps must mean that she is content, happy and trusting."  Sylvie is already intrigued by the garden and excited at the prospect of an outdoor life as well.
Janet has asked us to post this wonderful homing news "as it may encourage others to think about the love of an older cat being equally as nice as the bounce of kittens".


November 2013
When kitten Boo's brother and sister were homed, he cried for two days at the fosterer's.  His new adopter, Laura, happened to call us at that point and was looking for a young companion for Madge, her two-year-old, friendly feline.  Touched by his situation and the fact that a previous family dog was called Boo, she and her partner visited him with the full intention of taking him home... and this is their report two days later ...

"I had to contact you and tell you the wonderful news.

Boo is the most amazing little kitten and, after nearly two days together, he and Madge are inseparable!  They are grooming each other, playing, eating together, and she is looking after him like a big sister/Mum.

This is so incredible and more than we could have hoped for.

On Saturday, after a very long and noisy journey, we put him in his room to adjust and we sat with him.  We expected him to go and hide for a while then eventually come out for a bit of food.  

He wasn't having any of it and wanted lots of fuss from us and then went exploring straight away.  He then begged us to let him out of the spare room and started his adventures round the landing and our bedroom.  Here he met Madge for the first time and, after she gave him a warning hiss in an "I'm the boss" type of way, they were exploring the whole house together (under supervision).

At night he slept on our bed, cuddled next to Madge, and we didn't hear a peep till morning.  He even met my sister's terrier dog on Saturday, and walked up to him as bold as brass to hiss at him.  The dog didn't know what was going on!

He uses his litter tray like an expert and is eating us out of house and home.  He is such a beautiful, playful, loving, brave kitten, I've never seen anything like it."

Here are some pictures:

I will keep in touch and let you know how he gets on, but thank you again,

Laura and Phil


Leo had been an unhappy stray for some time before he came to us, and before capture we weren’t sure if he was semi-feral because he hissed and spat so much. But as soon as he was taken in by his CP fosterers it was clear that all he needed was somewhere to feel safe and warm where he could enjoy some love and affection. Despite the scars it was clear that Leo was a big softy, and we mean BIG! Before long we were contacted by a lovely couple who thought that this big friendly giant of a cat would be ideal for them, and they took to each other straight away. Leo settled in very quickly and now loves nothing better than to hop up onto his owner’s lap at every opportunity. After a couple of weeks to get his bearings, he’s recently been allowed to go out into his new garden to explore. He doesn’t want to go too far when it’s cold and wet out, but he does like to follow his owner to the bins and back again - she says it’s like having her own personal guard–cat whenever she puts the rubbish out! As you can see from the photos Leo is now a very happy boy!