Feral Cats

If you, or someone you know, has a farm, or an area of land (orchard, woodpiles, outhouses, feed stores, etc)…

Have you thought about having any of our overlooked feral cats as groundskeeper?

Never able to be a house-pet, ferals live and work outdoors, braving our inclement climate year-round, sheltering under bushes if need be. Access to a small shed, or even an unused dog-kennel would be a welcome relief.

Mice and rats are prolific breeders – especially when near abundant food, and our feral cats are expert hunters, having had to catch their own food for the majority of their lives.

Although ferals do hunt, there aren’t many calories in a mouse… so a small amount of regular cat food made available for them will bolster their energy levels and make them more efficient workers.

Often, you might see a feral cat prowling around its territory. But don’t expect it to sit on your lap – these are WILD animals, and will occasionally approach people, but only in the hope of a bite to eat. If you try to stroke it - it may just make a meal of your hand.

If you could offer a home to one of our ferals please don't hesitate to contact us.