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Success Story

13 May 2020
Success Story

Here is one of our past success stories from Tanya:- Tigerlily an ex feral rescued kitten had to be fully socialised in branch care. Her fosterer spent hours each day, gradually going through the socialisation that a kitten born in branch care would have received. When Tigerlily came into branch she bit, hissed, scratched and spat! After a few days, of dedicated input, she soon started to love sitting on laps, playing and purring a lot. The perfect home had to be found where Tigerlily could have her freedom outside but also enjoy family life with lots of play and cuddles. She was rehomed to a lovely family who own stables in the summer last year.

"I just wanted to update you on Tiger Lilly - we totally love her! She's really good and never leaves our yard, so never goes on the road. She sleeps in the house at night on the end of my bed. We've now got a 29 week old golden retriever and they are best mates. Such good friends in fact that she brought him in a dead mouse today! She still doesn't meow, just screams at you lol! We couldn't ever imagine a better suited cat for us and after her uncertain start she is so happy. Still very small but so friendly. So one very content, happy cat! Thanks for all your hard work at Cats Protection."

Thank you Tanya for keeping in contact and sharing Tigerlily's story. If you have adopted a cat or kitten from us and would like to share your story, please send to welfare@lichfield.cats.org.uk #HereForTheCats #CatsProtection