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Update on the lovely Jester

21 May 2020
Update on the lovely Jester
Success Story of a Garage Kitten Toby (Now Jester)

Toby and his brothers and sisters were rescued from a disused locked garage. Their fosterer had to help socialise them, although they were quickly known in branch as the wallpaper peelers! I wonder why!😉
Hi everyone. Thought I would share some photos of Jester (was Toby) who we adopted off you last year.

He is hilarious. He collects sticks so maybe he is identifying as a dog. 
He loves to get involved with things around the house ... from changing TV channels to helping daddy with work. He loves his sleep too and will pretty much sleep anywhere. He is adored by us, although his older purr-brother thinks he is irritating. 

Hope these put a smile on someone’s face as he does with us.

Thank you Wendy for sharing Toby's story with us all. If you have adopted a cat/kitten from us and would like to share your story, please send to welfare@lichfield.cats.org.uk