The Homing Process

We spend a lot of time with the cats in our care and we want to make sure that we find our cats the purr-fect family! When you decide you’d like to adopt a cat from us, you will follow the below process: 

You contact the branch to let us know that you would like to adopt a cat via the helpline on 0345 371 2741, the adopt a cat page of the website or email enquiries@lichfield.cats.orguk.

Our homing team leader will contact you to have a chat about the homing process and answer any questions you may have. You will then be contacted by a homing visitor to arrange a convenient time for them to come and do a homing visit. 

All of our adoptions will require a homing visit to be undertaken. 

To see the cats currently available for adoption please visit our Adopt a Cat page.

The Homing Visit
The homing visit allows us to have a chat with families and discuss the type of cat they are interested and also for us to provide some advice as to the type of cat we think would be the best match.  Please note if your home is rented we will need to see permission from your landlord for you to have a cat, prior to you meeting any of the cats. 

The homing visitor will have a form to run through which includes questions about your family, the home you live in and your lifestyle. We will also run through some basic advice and guidance about cat care, which we would ask you to listen to, regardless of whether you have had cats before.

There will be the opportunity for you to ask lots of questions and we will o our best to answer them for you. We are volunteers however, so if there is anything we can’t answer we will go away and find the answer for you.

Please note that we may ask to see the garden or where you are planning to put key resources for your cat but we do not need to see around the whole home. The homing visit will not be intrusive and is nothing for you to worry about. 

All of our volunteers are issued with a Cats Protection ID badge and will be able to show this if requested.

After the Visit
If everything goes well at the homing visit and there is a particular cat you are interested in, we will ask the fosterer looking after the cat to give you a call to make an appointment for you to go and meet the cat. 

Depending on how the visit goes and how the cat reacts, you may be able to take the cat home on the day of the visit, or you may be able to reserve the cat for collection within 5 days. 

Please be prepared to spend some time with the cat at the meeting and please bring the whole family. We need you to spend time getting to know the cat and interacting with them. 

If you reserve the cat you will have five days to collect the cat. If the cat has had any treatment whilst in care you will be provide with a copy of the vets notes and you may want to take the time to discuss anything on there with any insurance companies. 

The adoption fee is £60 per cat or kitten. Our cats will all have had a basic vet check, been neutered, had at least their first vaccination and be microchipped and up to date with flea and worm treatment. 

You will complete the adoption paperwork and pay the adoption fee at the point of taking the cat home.  Payment must be by cash or cheque – we are unable to accept card payment. 

If at any point during the process, even after you have reserved a cat, you decide the cat is not right for you or you are unsure about anything, please let us know. There is no pressure or obligation. We want you to be 100% certain before you take a cat home.

If there is not a cat that is a good match for you at the time of the visit, please keep an eye on the Adopt a Cat page of the website This page is updated as soon as we have cats ready for homing.  Your homing visit will last for 6 months, so if you see a cat on the website you can call us and arrange to go and meet the cat. 

If we feel that you would be best suited to a particular cat, we will contact you following your visit to discuss this and advise why we would recommend that type of cat. 

Post Adoption
During your homing visit and at the point of adoption, you will be given advice and guidance about getting your new cat home and helping them to settle in.  However if after taking your cat home, you have any questions, concerns or issues or would just like some reassurance please do get in touch and we will be happy to have a chat. 

Taking your cat home is not the end of the process – we are here to help as much as needed.