Welfare standards - Adopting a cat

Adopting a cat from Cats Protection Lichfield and Tamworth Branch

Cats Protection takes the welfare of the cats and kittens in their care very seriously and maintain the highest standards of welfare.

If you adopt a cat from Lichfield and Tamworth Cats Protection you will find the following standards:

  • All adoptions will require a homing visit before you can meet the cat you are interested in.
  • Cats are housed in pens in fosterer’s gardens or in dedicated foster rooms in the fosterer’s homes. The cats will not be free roaming in the house, to minimise cross-infection and stress.
  • There will be only one cat per pen, unless cats come into care together. We would never introduce cats from different backgrounds in the rescue environment.
  • Our fosterers spend a lot of time with the cats and will tell you how the cat came to be in our care and about the personality of the cat.
  • Cats will have had a full veterinary check and will come with a first vaccination as a minimum.
  • All cats and kittens from our branch will have been neutered and microchipped.
  • All cats will come with a veterinary history/medical summary for any treatment received in our care.
  • If a cat has an ongoing medical condition, this will be made clear prior to adoption and prior to meeting the cat where possible, to allow you to make an informed decision about whether the cat is right for you.
  • You will be able to reserve a cat for 5 days to give you time to make any arrangements. You will not pay any money until the point of adoption.
  • You can change your mind at any point during the adoption process. Adoption is a big commitment and we want you to be certain about your decision.
  • You will be asked to sign a Cats Protection officially branded adoption form and pay a set adoption fee when you take the cat home.
  • You will never be pressured to pay money or take the cat home before you are ready. We want you to be sure that it’s the right cat for you.
  • Full support will be available post adoption, whether you have questions or concerns or just want to chat things through.
  • Feral cats will not be homed as domestic cats. Feral cats are wild animals and will not be confined in pens. If viewing a socialised ex-feral kitten you will be fully informed.

If any of the above standards are not met, you are unlikely to be adopting from Lichfield and Tamworth Cats Protection Branch. If you have any concerns please take the time to call the National Helpline and ask them if the place you are adopting from is Cats Protection.

Please check our website to see the cats currently looking for their new forever homes.

If are unhappy with any of the conditions you encounter when adopting a cat – please contact the National Helpline, or the RSPCA to report animals who are in distress