How to adopt a cat


Step 1 - make sure you're ready 

Step 2 - on arrival

Think carefully about adopting a cat, we provide a guide explaining what to consider before adopting a cat.

Step 2                        Many cats are on view at  our Bredhurst and
                                  Newnham Court adoption centres. 

All CP cats will be vaccinated and neutered and ready for their new forever.

Step 3 - Meet the cats

Step 4 - meet the cats

Visit the cats and take the opportunity to speak with one of us about our homing. We want to find a cat that is right for you, ( they all have very different personalities) and your lifestyle. There wil be a chance to cuddle and bond with the cat before it goes home.  Remember - CP is always on hand to answer any questions you may have once you have taken the cat home