Cats Protection champions neutering as the only effective way to reduce the number of unwanted cats in the UK.

We seek to dispel myths, spread the neutering message and make it easier for owners on low incomes to get their cats neutered. In some cases, especially where owners are in financial hardship, we may be able to help with neutering costs.

Our recommended neutering age for your pet cat is four months. 
In 2014 Cats Protection helped neuter 163,000 cats, including 28,000 ferals, making us the largest single cat neutering group in the world.

Download our essential guide to neutering for more information.

Kitten Neutering

Kitten neutering kitten

At Cats Protection, we are very aware that cats are often neutered too late in life when they have already produced at least one litter of kittens. Find out more about our kitten neutering.

Importance of neutering

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Neutering is one of Cats Protection’s three primary objectives. Find out more why we champion neutering and it's benefits.