Found Cats

Cats can often appear lost and wanting food - this doesn't necessarily mean they are a stray! If the cat appears to be a healthy weight and well groomed, it might be owned. Ask your neighbours if they recognise the cat, or post a photo on local community Facebook groups.

If there are no visible signs of ownership, then please contact us; 
We'll place paper collar with our contact details on the cat for a response from an owner.
We'll also launch an appeal on our website and social media searching for an owner.
If no response is received the branch will take the cat into our care whilst continuing to try to find its owner.

These cats have been reported as strays in the DOWNSWOOD area of Maidstone.

They are being given food and shelter by a kind local resident. They are both nervous but we have managed, with help of the person looking after them, to check for a microchip and put a paper collar on them both. It is believed that they are both unneutered males and neither of them has a chip.

If you know who the owner is or have any other information, please contact the Mid Kent Branch on 07919 592736.