Voucher Scheme for Neutering

We support thousands of people with cat neutering advice and financial assistance each year.

As one of our key aims, we promote neutering as a safe and painless way to control the cat population. Aside from this, it is an effective way to reduce your household costs as caring for a mother and kittens is becoming increasingly expensive. There are unfortunately thousands of unwanted cats and kittens in the UK and neutering is the only effective way to reduce this growing number.

We at Cats Protection realise that this can be an expensive treatment; if you are currently unemployed or receiving other benefits we can help you, we will do our best to help every cat that needs this procedure.

We issue two types of vouchers: 

  • White for a single cat with fixed values of £25 for a male and £45 for a female. The vouchers are intended to go towards neutering costs with the deficit being paid by the cat owner. These vouchers are issued by us only to those who are in receipt of a benefit or have a low family annual income.   
  • Yellow are for a multi cat household, community/feral cats and those in Cat Protection care.  These have a varying, branch specified value in accordance with the situation and will cover full neutering related costs. 
  • Extra, essential neutering related costs that may occur will be covered by Cats Protection. A yellow voucher will be issued to the owner chosen veterinary practice to include the extra costs and replace the white voucher.  The owner will only be expected to top up the equivalent of the white voucher value to cover the standard neutering costs only.

If you are in receipt of a means tested benefit, (income support, housing benefit, council tax benefit, pension credit, state pension, income based ESA, income based JSA) or earning an annual total household income of less than £24,500. You can receive our help. We would ask for proof of eligibility where possible, this can be in the form of a benefits agency letter, wage slip, proof of full-time student status or bank statement. 

If you require financial assistance please contact us

Here's a small number of the cats we've neutered through our voucher scheme