The aim of the Branch is to provide a safe and warm sanctuary for the many unwanted cats.  Show the many traumatised cats humans can be kind and loving. Also pick up the pieces where cats are allowed to go through  life not being neutered and producing litter after litter.

Visit our pages of cats available for adoption for more details.

News Page

Please check our News page for any exciting items eg newly born kittens!

Rehoming Stories

Have you adopted a cat from us? We would love to have an update on your furry family and a photo to put on our Rehoming Stories page. 

We rescue and rehabilitate stray and unwanted cats of all ages across Dorset, parts of Somerset and Wiltshire.
Our aim is to find every cat their "forever home", as well as educating cat owners future and present on neutering and general cat care. We are entirely "not-for-profit" which means that our costs have to be covered by the generosity of donations and volunteers giving up their spare time.
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