BerylMere & Gillingham

Beryl was handed into the Vets as a stray - she was in a pretty poor state. Very feisty and dirty (her white bits grubby) so obviously had been living rough a while. She also has a nasty skin condition, which was probably caused by fleas. As can be seen Beryl is a really pretty cat - she is very petite and actually looks more like an 6/8 month old kitten. Obviously at some point Beryl has been owned, but she has not been treated well. She has been with the Branch since the beginning of June and we felt that an UPDATE was due as she is a very different cat now!!! The shy defensive little girl has gone to be replaced by a fun loving and full of life cat. Her skin condition has disappeared, but Beryl needs to receive regular flea treatment because the lack of it caused the problem. Most of the brown staining as disappeared and she is a super Black/White girl. She is no longer defensive or shy she is just a bundle of fun - just seeing her face full of anticipation brings a smile to the Fosterer's face. Enjoys playing with toys and feathers, but they never seem to last long as she plays rough with toys!! She becomes very excited at the sight of anyone near the pen knowing it is either food or playing. Despite the heat Beryl doesn't appear to notice it she races around the pen, up and down her scratching post in hot pursuit of a toy. She is a very loving affectionate cat, but being young and busy not much of a lap cat! She wouldn't be suitable for a young family, but an ideal pet for a family with teenagers - or someone retired who wants a real bundle of love and fun. She would probably be fine with an easy going dog.

Gender Female
Age 1
Breed Domestic short-hair
Colour Black and white
Can live with dogs Yes
Can live with a family No
Can live with mature family Yes
Indoor cat No
Access to Outside Yes
Feral cat No
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