Lost and Found

Lost and Found

Welcome to the Lost and Found Page!

To report a missing cat:-

Please contactl Wendy, our Lost and Found Officer, on 01963 23364 with as many details as possible about the cat, including; location, date they went missing, sex, age, colouring and whether they are micro-chipped or wearing a collar. If you have a photo Wendy will give you details of where to email it
Cats can travel quite a distance whether on foot or by hopping in a car/van/lorry so publicise it as far and wide as possible. We have recently had a very happy ending where a cat missing from Gillingham was found 6 weeks later in Wincanton. 

Cats Protection strongly advise that all cats are micro-chipped -  it is vital in increasing the chances of a happy reunion when they go missing.

To report a found cat:-

Please contact Wendy with as many details as possible about the cat, including; location, date they were first seen, approximate sex, age, colouring and whether they are micro-chipped or wearing a collar. 

If you find a cat, it is really important to get them to a vet to check for a microchip. If you do not have transport, one of our volunteers may be able to come to you with a mobile scanner.  When a chipped cat is taken to the vet the Vet has to keep the cat and report it to the chip company, the finder does not take the cat away with them from the surgery.

If you are concerned that the cat is ill, injured or in immediate danger then please take them to your nearest vet.

Please note, we are not able to put stray cats up for rehoming until 14 days after you have contacted us.

I think I have found a stray cat, what should I do?

If the cat is injured, sick or in immediate danger - take the cat to the nearest vet.  Otherwise please follow the steps below to try and locate an owner:-

  1. Take the cat to any vets and ask them to scan it for a microchip. This is free of charge.
  2. Check the Lost and Found page on this website to see if anyone has reported the cat missing.
  3. Phone all the vets in the area to check if anyone has reported the cat as missing.
  4. Make a paper collar to put on the cat with a message asking an owner to contact you.
  5. Make some posters to display at your local shop, school, on lamp-posts etc.
  6. Go door to door, asking if anyone knows the owners of the cat.
  7. Finally, call us with the details of the cat so that we can add them to our lost and found page. Please include as many details as possible, including; age, sex, colour, if the cat is microchipped or wearing a collar. Also include details of when and where you found the cat. A photo should be attached if possible. 
  8. If the cat is still a concern and reasonable steps have been taken to find an owner, please contact us again and we will try to bring them in as soon as possible subject to a space being available.

Moving House

Many people lose their cats as a result of moving house and letting their cat out too soon.  We recommend that cats are kept in for 2-3 weeks after a move.  This gives them time to feel safe in their new home and means they will happily come back once they have been let out.  It is also important that the cat's micro-chip company (e.g. Petlog) is informed so that they can update their record.