Rehoming stories

Here are updates on some of our recent rehomings from their new families

All Tilly's wishes have come true including a permanent lap!

We think Jess has settled!!!

One of our longer stayers settled straight into his new life.

Little Pula has been exploring, checking out the plants and deciding on the best places to get comfortable!

Roger has settled straight and it looks like he loves helping with housework - here he is perched on the dishwasher ready to load the plates!!!

Baggi & Rudi (Sox & Tuesday)
Their owner says they are absolutely fantastic cats, very friendly and affectionate and they are delighted with them. They are also getting to know the other furry members of the family!

Her new owner writes 'Bella is a sweet and slightly mischievous addition to the family. We all love her and she was settled in well.

How in love does Henry look with his new mum?!! Second night in and he's already found his favourite place!

Here she is with most of her new family!

Luna & Kiki
It certainly didn't take these two little girls long to feel at home!

The first day in his long awaited new home and it looks like he's very happy!

Dylan (Mitten) and Marvin
The boys have settled quickly together and with their new family - enjoying lots of cuddles and playtime!

Frankie (Sarah)
After raising her furry family Frankie is enjoying some 'me time' with her new human family.

After a fairly stressful start to life Diggory has settled very quickly into his new forever home.

His new family says "It's safe to say the gorgeous Humphrey is now making himself at home and is well and truly settled in his new forever home. Such a friendly and gentle fella. Keep up the good work Sandy and the team".

Her new mum writes 'Willow is settling in wonderfully and she’s getting more confident each day. I’m very proud of how far she’s come in just this short time! She doesn’t go in her igloo anymore as she’s always with me! She loves to curl up on my lap on the sofa (and meows at me if I’m taking too long to sit down!), she sleeps next to me every night, and now comes running to see me when I call her when I get home'.

Ernie & Sid (Peanut & Pecan)
The boys have settled in quickly and are having a great time exploring. They love playing with their new big brother Sylvester.

Less than a day in her new home and Callie and her new dad are already in love - her new mum is feeling a bit left out!!

This is little Benji who was handreared from a few days old by Mandy, one of our fosterers. He is now very happily settled in his new home where he gets on very well with his 4 old 'brothers' one of whom Jinx, in the photo, was also adopted from us some 14 years ago!

Our long stayer Tiff has settled very quickly into her new life. Her new family adore her and she's been exploring the neighbour's garage roof amongst other things!! It was SO worth her long long stay with the branch!

Ranger 7 (Dara) and Pebbles
A year on from the mum and kitten find at Longleat, their owner writes 'As for my 2, they are such a delight. They loved the snow that we had back in March. As the weather grew warmer they have become more adventurous but still don't go far, thank god because I'm such a worrier! Pebbles has to have sun cream on her ears because they're so white they're almost transparent! They love their Dreamies treats and chicken. They are both quite fond of the dogs but on occasion Ranger 7 will remind them who's boss.'

Here's an extract from Howard's new mum's email "He was very relaxed and confident from the moment he arrived. He has now explored most of the house including downstairs (he followed me into the kitchen and living room this morning). He even had a little lie down on the end of our bed earlier however his favourite place is at the top of the stairs where he is now. He has certainly made himself at home very quickly! He is eating and drinking well. He is a very contented cat and he's going to fit right in here. I've attached a few photos for you. 

It was love at first sight for both Bertie and his new mum and they are totally devoted to each other. His favourite trick is untying her shoelaces! Now he's allowed outside he loves helping in the garden or supervising from under his sunshade!


Sandy's new mum writes "Here are a couple of photos of our boy - as you can see he's made himself very much at home in only one day!  We have given him plenty of cuddles and have received lots of head butting and love in return.  He is a joy to have around, the house feels right with a friendly feline sharing it once again."

One of our long stayers Meg has settled quickly into her new home and she follows her new dad everywhere.

Mitzi (Longleat kitten)
Her owners write "Here are 3 photos of Mitzi taken a)when we first saw her, b) in December and c) this month!  Her first year has absolutely flown! 
She's quite the sweetest cat we've ever had > very affectionate, excellent company and extremely entertaining! She hogs our bed at night and loves to eat custard and spiders! We definitely couldn't have 'chosen' a more perfect kitten!"

Ava and Luca (Peter)
These two have settled in very quickly and are enjoying watching the pheasants outside (and no doubt looking forward to going out and meeting them!!!)

Quincy and Falco (Minty and Tintin)
These boys have settled in very happily with their new mum and dad. They particularly enjoy covering them in ginger and white fur when sitting on their laps!!

Here's little Alan feeling a big sleepy after a busy day with his new family including his new best friend Wilf the Maine Coon. And here he is a month later.

Lucy's new owners write "Just wanted to give you a update on Lucy, she has now been with us for 6 weeks and she has settled in ok. At first, she didn't like stairs very much!! And has only just started coming up the stairs in the last week. She has just started going out and using her cat-flap, she loves a lap & being stroked and cries loudly for her breakfast in the morning!! She is a bit of a nervous cat, but every day she grows in trust & confidence.  She likes to sleep on our sofa on her blanket, that came with her when we collected her. She is already part of our household, and gets loads of love & attention. She has already met the neighbours cat, and greeted her with a very load growl! She really is beautiful old lady, and already has us under her paw!"



Here's one of our longstayers looking very relaxed in his new home.

Vina (Tilly)

It certainly didn't take Vina long to find the best vantage point to watch tennis with her new best friend Clara.

Clover and Blossom

The girls have settled in beautifully - Clover is still a rover and Blossom a cheeky little lady.


Merlin has settled in very quickly and loves sitting between his new mum and dad. Here he is having a nap after a read of the newspaper and then posing for his photo!

William (Thyme)

William's mum writes 'He has settled in really well and certainly makes his presence known! He races around the house with my other cat, who secretly loves him I think! and plays with Buddy, my dog, who is so good with him. He is either full speed or conked out on someone's knee. He is adorable.

Pippin (Sage)

Here he is enjoying his first Christmas with his new mum!

Bernard and Ziggy (Brian)


Honey's new mum and dad write 'Honey has settled in really well which we put down to the way she was looked after by Marian - thank you for all your help and kindness. Thanks also to Sandy for her advice and help.

Isla & Flynn (Maisie & Ash)

These two have settled in with each other as well as their new family!

Tango (Ash)

Look at Tango with his new BFF!

William & Mary

Well these two have certainly made themselves at home!


Beautiful Daisy showing us her 3 new favourite  (and comfortable) places to relax.

Gus (was Jasper)

Well it's only been a couple of days and how settled does he look?!!

Winter (was Casper)

Beautiful Winter was adopted as a kitten and he has grown into this handsome chap. He is a real homeboy who likes to rule the roost. His best friend is a Cockerpoo and they love playing together.

Wilma and Hazel

Their first day in their new home. Wilma is pretending to be cross but they're both very happy and settling in quickly.


Here he is settled in his newpurrrrrrfect pad. He's so happy with his new family who he adores.

Dara and Pebbles (Ranger and kitten)

Here are mum and daughter who were found in a tree at Longleat along with 4 other kittens). They were adopted by their finder and have settled in happily with their new Labrador friend!

Teddy (Oscar)

Teddy loves his new life with his family and new best friend, Lucy the Labrador!


All settled in.

Looks like Jessica, Arthur, Lorenzo and Lancelot have made themselves at home!

Claude and Sylvester 

Maisie and Geordie

Here they are on their first night - didn't take long to settle in!!

Sookie and Kovu

Our house feels complete ever since we adopted our beautiful cats Sookie and Kovu. 
They were nervous at first but now are both full of character and so loving and we can't imagine life without them! Adopting them both was so easy and simple and Marian made it so easy for us, keeping hold of them until we were able to dedicate a week to helping them settle into their new home.
I wouldn't hesitate to adopt from Cat's Protection again (although I think the other half would probably put his foot down if I tried to get another!)
Thank you to Marian and everyone at Cat's Protection Mere and Gillingham for finding our purrfect pets!

Henry Cooper

Just thought I’d give you a final update on Henry. He is blossoming as time goes on; he has his own little routine which involves lots of eating and sleeping on our bed all afternoon but has now become quite possessive of our garden. He spends much of the day on the top of the shed checking that the neighbours cats do not trespass and has had to cuff one of them about a bit which really shows his increasing confidence! He is still wary of most visitors and dives behind the sofa, but he seems to have settled in really well; he particularly enjoys tearing about after the squirrels but has yet to catch one! I must admit I did have my doubts in the first few weeks of having him as he was so nervous, but he has got his feet well and truly under the table and we wouldn’t be without him!

Teddy and Poppy

An update on Ted and short, we are obsessed with them!!
They settled in really quickly back in late October and we have had no problems since. They have wonderful natures, Ted absolutely loves having a belly rub and Poppy wakes us up every morning climbing on our pillows. They have been fantastic with my one year old niece, our friends and even converted my dog loving mum!  Thank you so much for trusting us with these lovely cats, they have brought so much to us and have made us very very happy.


Wilf and I are doing wonderfully! It broke my heart to leave him last Monday when I had to come back to was like leaving my child.  He's an absolute star, he's so attentive, he follows me everywhere I go, calls for me when he's not sure where I am, sits watching me cook and loves to keep me company in the Bath, and gives the best cuddles! I'm very much looking forward to letting him outside which I might do this coming weekend, he's desperate to go out as he spends most of the night chatting to the other cats through my French doors, and he's got so much energy which will be fabulous for him to expend outside. I can't tell you how much these last couple of weeks have changed my life, living on my own again in my gorgeous little cottage and with the best company, he and I really are the best match.  All my neighbours love him, so he's not short of admirers.


He's settled in really well. I'm in love!!! He's just adorable. He's like a little baby, cuddling into me. He's started going out at night. We tape up the cat flap for him as he doesn't seem to know how to use it and is a bit nervous of the noise it makes.  He's eating us out of house and home! Loves his biscuit and Sheba fine flakes in gravy. His favourite treats are Temptations. He's really helped to ease the pain and emptiness of not having a cat in the house. We love him so much already. He's such a character. As you'll see from the photos he's made himself at home!!

And some other recent rehomies!

Midnight and Alice


Skittles (now Tilly)

Pixie and Elfie