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14 April 2013
BLACK CATS are the HARDEST COLOUR to HOME! Can you overlook the colour of a cat's coat to give it a home?

This is true for the UK and America alike. Through no fault of their own, black cats are overlooked time and time again, as most people tend to choose 'prettier' coloured cats. Even black kittens are left until last for adoption, while their more colourful siblings are chosen first. The outlook for a black, adult cat in rescue is therefore very bleak. Some spend many months in rescue, sometimes even years, waiting for someone to see past their colour...

Is it because of Superstition?
It all depends on how we think, and even where we live! Superstitions in different cultures and countries vary as to whether black cats are considered good luck or bad. The old idea of black cats being "witch's cats" may still influence some people. However, in Britain, Scotland and Japan, a black cat crossing your path, or even if you dream of a black cat, is said to bring you good luck. A black cat’s presence has been credited with bringing about show-stopping performances in theatres. And, in Scotland, finding back kittens sitting in your porch is a sign of riches, and happiness to come!

Is it because of Colour?
There are a few suggestions for this, such as it's difficult to connect with a black cat in a rescue centre, who may blend into the shadows, or because black cats don't always show up as well in photographs on web pages (!). Also, as most rescues are so full these days, there are inevitably a wide range of colours which people are more drawn to - whilst the black cats can seem to fade into the background, and are just passed by.

Could you look BEYOND the COAT..?
Look beyond the coat, and black cats have all the charm, and charisma of their more colourful cousins. Not to mention their sleek glossy dark coats which complement their bright shining eyes. They are stunning, regal looking animals; each one an individual. Black cats are just as wonderful as any other, with exactly the same needs - love and care, in a home of their own. If you enjoy the company of cats whatever their colour, please consider adopting a black cat.

One thing is certain, those who have looked 'beyond the coat' and adopted a black cat, consider themselves extremely lucky indeed.

Abridged from www.catchat.org January 2013