Meet our friends...Itsy, Bitsy & Spot

Cats in bedThese guys were rescued from a council flat in Kenilworth about 16 months ago where they had only ever been indoor cats living with a single gentleman. The owner had Spot from a small kitten (he is now 12 years old) and then introduced Itsy and Bitsy 8 years later after finding them in a field. Because they were living in a council flat, the owner had to give the cats up. Only Bitsy had been neutered the other two were still entire (so very smelly!!)

They came into my outdoor foster pen and were very, very scared (see right) Itsy in particular was a hissy and spitty boy!! Spot spent the first few weeks hiding in a hooded litter tray and the other 2 guys hid behind their beds. It took weeks before I could get close to them and even then I was using a toy mouse on the end of a long bamboo stick and I shortened it a bit each week. Bitsy and Spot came round very quickly and would allow me to pick them up but Itsy was still a 'no thank you, don't come near me!’ cat. With lots of time, effort, perseverance and TLC, Itsy allowed me to start to stroke him and eventually pick him up for short periods of time and this has improved week by week.

The few months spent in a secure outdoor pen allowed the boys time to get used to the outside wWindow boxorld and all its noises and smells but still remain safe. In September, to start getting the boys ready for homing I began walking Spot around the garden each day using a cat harness which he thoroughly enjoyed, even though it took forever as he wanted to smell every plant and flower! We then decided to allow all 3 cats access to the garden and they quickly settled into their new routine of 'garden freedom' during the day before returning to their pen in the evening for a good meal and a comfy bed (waiting for food on the right).

In October/November, Cliff and I decided that the boys were now ready for a forever home of their own but despite lots of advertising no one came forward but we were still hopeful. In January of this year as still no sign of a forever home, we decided the boys would remain living in our garden as they had bonded with us and obviously trusted us. They so enjoyed our large garden and didn't appear to ever go further than the boundary line and they happily played and mixed with our own cats. Office

We have built the boys their very own cat chalet in our garden which they took to like ducks to water. Recently the boys have even started to venture into the house to see where all of our other cats go (right)! Spot particularly likes to sleep on our bed during the day soaking up the summer sun. They are perfect new members of our family and are jolly photogenic too!

By volunteers, Julie & Cliff Seymour