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When Mindy was rehomed, she didn’t just find a new forever home – she also made an unlikely companion in the family Pug, Monty.
Mindy was brought to us, along with her son Trevor, when their owner became too sick to care for them. We looked after the pair until we could find them their forever homes – but it was clear that they didn’t share a bond and would be better off being homed separately.
Fortunately, Mindy had shared her previous home with a dog who she got along with well so the branch was happy to help rehome her in a household with a canine companion.Mindy’s new owner, Maxine, followed our advice and introduced the pair slowly, and they are now inseparable.
A vital part of our role is to provide new owners with the information to ensure their new addition settles into the family – whether that includes children, other cats, or even a dog!
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