Support Us

We are always looking for new supporters so if you can spare us some time, we'd love to hear from you. See below for the many different ways that you can help us. Interested ? Give us call on 01926 334849 or email

Volunteer Roles:

Charity Shop
We are desperately in need of helpers at our shop in Kenilworth, from sorting and pricing goods to serving behind the till. If you can spare a few hours a week, please contact us!

Fund Raising
This is an essential role and ensures that we have a steady flow of income to help the cats and kittens. There are many different ways in which you can help, especially if you have great ideas, plenty of stamina and a good sense of fun.  Why not hold your own fundraising event for Mid-Warwickshire Cats Protection ?  We can provide you with all the publicity material you need, including posters, badges and balloons.

Calling all News Hounds
Good at writing and have an interesting story to tell. How about writing an article for our branch newsletter?

Help Line Follow Up
We receive many calls on a wide variety of subjects from "there's a cat in our garden and we think it's a stray" to "my cat doesn't like to travel - what can I do to make it easier for him?" If you can spare a few hours a week to follow up on calls, we'd be delighted to hear from you.

Media Moguls
Make people aware of our work. Encourage your family, friends and work colleagues to come to our events and become members. If you have contacts with the local media - press, TV or radio - let us know!

We often need people to foster cats or kittens on a short-term basis. This could mean having a cat pen in your garden or giving up your spare room for a mum and her kittens. If you're caring without being over-sentimental and have the time and space, this could be an opportunity for you.

Paper Pushing
If you enjoy paperwork, then call us! We're looking for people to help keep our Branch paperwork up-to-date, from trying to reunite lost cats with their owners to checking that rehomed kittens have been neutered.

Home Visits
Home visits are carried out before any cat or kitten is rehomed. This ensures that the new home and owners are suitable for the chosen cat. If you are a good judge of character and have a tactful nature, why not join us as a home visitor.

Do you own a vehicle? The cats in our care often need to be taken to the vets or transported to their new home. If you can spare a little time and your car, we'd love you to help us.