Unable to volunteer?

If you are struggling with freeing up your time, you can still help in the following ways:

Become a Member
Why not join the Mid-Warwickshire branch? For just £6 a year, you will receive 3 newsletters containing stories, news and details of upcoming events. If you are interested, please contact us.
Join Mid-Warwickshire's 100 Club
This is a fund raising activity that enables Cats Protection members, supporters, family and friends to help raise funds for the branch, whilst participating in quarterly draws for cash prizes. Members of pay just £2.00 per month for each club number held between 1 and 100, half of this money goes into branch funds whilst the other half is used as prize money. The amount of money in the quarterly prize draw depends upon the number of people in the 100 Club, and as membership increases the prize money also increases.
Shop With Us
When shopping online, you can access ove
r 100 leading retailers by using our webshop. Every time you use our online webshop, you’ll automatically earn money for us and you don’t pay anything extra. Please try to use it whenever you can, just shop at:

Donate to us your old mobile phones. Each mobile phone will raise £2.50 for cats in need. The phones can be in any condition but please make sure you remove any Sim cards as these cannot be returned. No mobile accessories are needed. Phones can be dropped off at Rainsbrook Veterinary Group on Upper Grove Street, Leamington Spa or to our charity shop in Abbey End, Kenilworth or contact us for further details.
We can also turn used stamps and empty printer cartridges into funds.
We are constantly searching our gifts and prizes for our tombola stands and raffles, and are always after bric-a-brac for our charity shop in Kenilworth. Donations are gladly received and can be taken directly to the shop. Some of the donated stock is listed on Ebay, so if you have something you you would prefer to be sold that, please, just get in contact with us.

Sponser a Cat Cabin
Every year, we provide unwanted cats and kittens with a clean and safe place to stay, warm bedding, attentive carers, regular meals, medical attention, entertainment and much, much more. We care for cats in an environment built to meet their needs until a permanent new home can be found for them. Your support, via Direct Debit, will allow us to plan for the future and help extend our cat welfare work. There are now two types of Cat Cabin Sponsorship to choose from with different benfits:
  • For £4 per month - you will recieve our twice yearly Cat Cabin Newsletter containing the latest news from CP Cat Cabins around the UK.
  • For £10 per month - you will become an Interative Cat Cabin Sponser, receiving regular kit-e-mails (mini movies of cats in our cabins via email), the Cat Cabin Newsletter twice a year, plus an exclusive sticker, pen and trolley token.

Please note that due to Data Protection Regulations you cannot give Cat Cabin Sponsership as a gift.]

Make A Donation
Your donation, however big or small, makes a huge difference to the lives of the cats and kittens in our care.

£3 would buy a feeding bottle for an abandoned new born kitten.
£5 would pay for a cat's litter tray, scoop and dishes.
£15 would feed a CP cat or kitten for a whole month
£35 would fully equip a Cat Cabin/pen with a cat bed, litter tray, scratching post, bowl and toys.
£55 would pay for a kitten's vaccinations against cat 'flu, feline enteritis and feline leukaemia.
£75 would buy three heated cat beds to ensure our cats have a warm place to sleep.
£100 would cover all the veterinary care a cat should need, including neutering, vaccinations and microchipping.
£150 would pay for a special scanner so microchipped cats can be identified and returned quickly to their rightful owners.