Collect used stamps for the branch

USED POSTAGE STAMPS: Did you know that we collect used postage stamps to help us raise extra funds for our branch and the rescue work that we do?
If you would like to help us with this fundraising activity, all you need to do is collect the used stamps from the post that drops through your letterbox each day, cut the stamp off the envelope, leaving about 1/2-1cm border all around on a single layer of envelope - don't try to peel the stamp off the envelope as this may damage it and make it worthless.
The collected stamps are bought by weight, so the everyday standard ones are worth as much as the more unusual ones. It would be great if you could ask your family, friends and work colleagues to save their used stamps too.
You can then drop them into our Leamington charity shop or post direct to:

Mid-Warwickshire Cats Protection Used Stamps Appeal
Fords Farm
NR29 4EP
At the end of each month, we receive a payment for all the Mid-Warwickshire stamp donations which helps to boost our cat care funds.

Thank you for your support.