Feral Cat Work - TNR

FERAL CATS - Trap, Neuter, Release/Relocate

We do a lot of feral trapping work in the Branch - led by our Feral Officer, Tanith.

We are called to help with cat colonies in the Mid Warwickshire area quite often, and our volunteers are well versed in trapping, taking the individuals to vets for neutering and health checks and then either releasing them back where they were found or relocated to another suitable location. Wherever they go, the owner of their home ensures they are fed and looked after.

It is cruel to keep feral cats in pens to try to socialise them as they are very scared and become very depressed if kept locked up. Kittens need to be trapped by 7 weeks of age in order for them to become socialised and OK to go into a home. 

A recent example of a Tanith adventure is as follows:
Tanith went out into rural Warwickshire to trap 2 mum cats and their kittens. We were thrilled to discover that the kittens were not too feral and were taken in by two of our wonderful fosterers for socialising. The 2 mums (actually mum and sister) were neutered and returned to their home where they were continued to be fed every day and have a lovely life in acres of Warwickshire land.

Here they are conversing with each other just after they had been released once more. 

We are always on the look out for feral homes for cats who need the freedom of the great outdoors. Please get in touch by emailing us on Enquiries@midwarwick.cats.org.uk if you would be interested in helping our feral friends.

If you would like to volunteer some time and help with our feral work, please do get in touch - it is very rewarding work and you do see some sights. Below is one of Tanith's views whilst trapping some feral kittens one afternoon...