Volunteers Needed!

If you would like to donate some of your free time to help cats and kittens in the Midwarwickshire area we have plenty of roles that need to be filled from administrative roles to handson cat and kitten care.
Some of the roles that are available are as follows:
Record keeping - following up on rehomings, ensuring microchip details are uptodate with new owners information, making sure kittens that have been rehomed have been neutered at the appropriate time, answering our helpline and distributing information to the appropriate volunteers and providing basic information.
Home visiting - this is a VERY important part of our rehoming process as every potential adoptee has to have a home visit prior to taking on one of our little charges - this is Cats Protection policy. As we do not have many home visitors, this slows down the homing process. If you like to talk about cats and want encourage responsible ownership then this role is for you!
Fostering - now this is a handson role. You will be responsible for the care and attention of cats and kittens as they come through our care. Some will be requiring medical attention, so there is a good chance you will become well known at your local CP vets. Others will need to go to the vets in order to receive there standard CP requirements such as vaccinations, microchipping etc so transportation is required. This is a vey fulfilling role, ask any of the fosterers and they will tell you there is no better feeling that watching a homeless cat or kitten being taken home to their new forever home.
Fund raisers - this is a pivotal role in the branch - without funding, we would not be able to do anything! We are present at many local events throughout the year which provides plenty of opportunity to socialise with likeminded people and to meet the public. Every penny goes towards our work, so every hour spent fundraising directly effects what we do.
Shop volunteers - we will soon be opening our Regent Street shop in Leamington Spa and we will need people to man the shop. This is one of our biggest sources of revenue so we would like it to be open for as much and for as long as possible. If you would like to work a few hours a week in this brilliant location, please get in touch!

There are plenty of other roles that need to be filled and full training will be given.

Any time you can give us would be greatly appreciated and will directly increase the number of cats and kittens we can successfully rescue and rehome!

Please contact us: 01926 334849 or midwarwickcats@hotmail.com or complete the form on the Volunteering Page.