Information about Home2Home

Life is often unpredictable and people who want to do the best they can for their cats can find themselves with no choice but to find new homes for them. At Cats Protection we don't judge -- we just want to help cats.

Our Home2Home scheme is like an introductions service: we advertise cats that need new homes on our Facebook page and Home2Home webpage and get those interested in a cat in touch with the current owner.

Potential new owners meet the cat in familiar surroundings, where the cat is relaxed and 'themselves', and can get a lot of information from the current owners who know the cat's history and personality.

Current owners can see how their cat gets on with the visitors. We advise asking questions to make sure that these humans are right for their cat as Cats Protection don't visit potential new owners of Home2Home cats to check they and their homes are suitable.

We would recommend that owners take their cats to their vet for a health check before starting the rehoming process.

To make the process as smooth as possible we will only accept cats onto the Home2Home scheme if they are neutered, in good health and have no behavioural issues. We may ask that a cat is vet checked before advertising to confirm this.

If you think you need to rehome your cat then there's more information here: Information about rehoming your cat

Unfortunately our Home2Home scheme is closed for the foreseeable future. If you need to rehome your cat please see for a list of UK rescue organisations.