Cats and Fireworks

Sudden loud noises tend to panic cats, but with a some planning you can make it a bit easier for your cat – especially the nervous ones.
Cats and fireworks advice

Signs of fear
  • Cowering and hiding under, behind or on top of furniture
  • Trying to run away
  • Soiling the house
  • Refusing to eat.
Tips for cat owners
  • Keep your cat in on any nights when there will be fireworks as cats can be scared away from home or into taking risks with traffic.  This is also a good time to ensure that your cat is micro-chipped so you can be reunited.  Remember to provide a litter tray if your cat usually goes outside.
  • Ensure your cat has a hiding place or 'den' where your cat can feel safe – or create one which is comfortably padded and try putting in a favourite toy and/or blanket.  This safe place can be in a wardrobe or behind a sofa or under a bed, and consider adapting high places, such as shelves, too.
  • Let your cat get used to this space before it's needed and remember to provide a hiding place for each cat, or make it big enough for everyone if they would rather huddle together.
  • A pheromone plug-in, especially near to the 'den', may also help.
  • When fireworks are going off keep windows shut and curtains drawn to muffle the sound.  Playing music, or keeping the TV on, will help mask the random noises outside.
  • Ignore your cat's fear - don't try to comfort or punish as this will add extra stress – and stay relaxed yourself and act as you normally would.
  • Remember to pick up any firework debris that may have fallen into your garden before you let your cat out.

If you're having your own bonfire please check for cats and wildlife before lighting it.