Cold Weather Advice

Cold weather adviceBrr... it's cold outside

The cold weather presents a number of risks for pet cats, particularly those cats who like to wander outside so, where possible, bring your cats indoors to sleep and provide them with warm, comfortable and draft-free places – maybe look at getting a heat pad or two or beds that can go over or near radiators. If you have any cats that love the outdoors whatever the weather then make sure any retreats they have, such as sheds, are also comfortable.

Cat in car engine
Please check your car before you start the engine as cats may climb into vehicle engine spaces for warmth: give the bonnet a bang and have a look under the wheel arches.

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There's more weather advice from the International Cat Care.

Cat shelter

Stray cats visiting? Want to help them stay warm and dry?

Please take a look at Cats Protection's Meow blog and the video from Cole and Marmalade (below) about making a shelter for stray or feral cats.

If you don't want to make one yourself then you can buy a ready-made one like the one in the picture.