FIV positive cats

Meet Jester. He came into our care after being stray for 6 months. He's a friendly boy and became very close with the kind human who fed him, gained his trust and helped get him into our care. Jester is FIV positive but he can live as long as an FIV negative cat and enjoy life just as much. He is like any other cat – he sleeps a lot, likes his food and loves a nice warm lap.

Humans can't catch FIV from cats so having an FIV positive cat as a family pet poses no risk.

After a month, Jester's fosterer noticed that he was off his food and a bit under the weather so took him to the vets where he was diagnosed with gingivitis, an inflammation of the gums. After discussions with the vet, the branch decided that extraction of all Jester's teeth was the best option.

The surgery was a success and Jester was tucking into some chicken that afternoon. His lack of teeth does not stop him from enjoying his food – he really likes the sloppy, meaty stuff and loves cat biscuits.

This charming chap is now in a loving home where he can get all the love and laptime he wants. Cats like him need attentive owners to make sure all health needs are met, like regular flea treatments and vaccinations, as FIV positive cats can be more affected by minor illnesses and infections than FIV negative cats.

Like all FIV positive cats, Jester must be indoor-only and not mix with uninfected cats. FIV positive cats can live together – if they get on, of course! – look at Frank and Ben, both FIV positive, happy in each other's company after being properly introduced.

Cats Protection has produced an information leaflet about FIV and there's also information on the International Cat Care website.

If you think you can give an FIV positive cat a home please call us on 01908 984799 or email

It's likely that while Jester was an unneutered stray he contracted FIV from fighting or mating with an FIV positive cat. Neutering reduces the mating urges and the chances of a cat contracting FIV. If you want to know if we can help you with the cost of neutering your cat please call us on 01908 984799 or email