Autumn and Sparkle

Autumn and Sparkle on the farm

Last year a family from just outside Bedford adopted a pair of outdoor cats for their farm.
Autumn and Sparkle – mother and daughter – have found themselves with their own caravan to call home, food and water and as many rodents as they can catch!Autumn and Sparkle caravan

Autumn is a cuddly girl and likes a bit of fuss when she feels like it but Sparkle likes to keep her distance from humans. Both cats are great little hunters.
Autumn head booping
Once a year they see a vet for a check up and vaccinations – just like the horses.

If you could give a new home to some outdoor or feral cats please contact us on 01908 318810 or
If you would like to get involved in working with unsocialised or feral cats please see our volunteering pages.