Bemore cat

He was dirty, limping and seemed to be in bad condition, but with his long, blonde fur looked like the 'Be More Dog' cat from the adverts so quickly became 'Bemore'.
Bemore started visiting Jean and Colin's Bletchley garden in April.  Throughout May Jean worked hard to gradually gain Bemore's trust. He accepted food from them, sheltered in their garage and made friends with their cats – all rescues – who would sit outside with him. He no longer limped but Jean really wanted to get hold of him, get him checked and get him cleaned up and bring that coat back to its obvious glory. If he didn't already have an owner he certainly had one now!
Jean contacted us to talk about getting Bemore to a vet and advertising him as a found cat in case he did have an owner. He didn't seem to have a microchip, so we put him on our Facebook and web pages and Mani, one of our Lost and Found volunteers, put up 'found' posters in the area and together with Jean we made plans to trap Bemore.
Suddenly, Bemore seemed worse: he was limping again and had a wound under his chin and Operation Catch Bemore became urgent. Using catnip as a distraction, Jean managed to get hold of Bemore, bundled him into a carrier and took him off to the vets.
The vet found he DID have a microchip – which had moved – and contacted Bemore's owners, who paid for the antibiotics and other treatment that he needed.
We spoke to Bemore's owners who said that he had started to wander when they got a dog and they were happy for him to be rehomed. We offered help with the transfer of Bemore's microchip, so if he does wander off again he can be reunited with Jean, but Jean had that in hand.
Bemore is settling into his new home, a well appointed summer house with plenty of places for him to hide and feel secure – especially a cardboard box that he loves. His experience made him a bit suspicious when he returned but Jean is again working hard to regain his trust and he already enjoys a good head-stroking.
He now comes out of his cardboard box for supper but leaves one leg stretched back in it for security!