Her name is Lola...

Lola's new 'Mummy and Daddy' told us that Lola has settled in really well and is now an adored member of the family. She loves nothing more than falling asleep on their laps and is certainly enjoying all the fuss and attention she is getting.
Lola firmly believes that when her Mummy and Daddy have visitors they have come to see her and not them!
We wish Lola and her new family all the very best and it is lovely to hear such a happy ending.

Lola came into our care after living as a stray and was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism which is now controlled with daily medication, which Lola takes without fuss and has even regained some of her weight.

Update 8th December 2015:
Lola has been weighed today and is now 3.40 kg so very near her target weight.
Lola is well and contented, at the moment she is in the garden with Graham playing.
She is taking her meds well and eating well.
Hope that you are well and have good Christmas.
Thank you again for allowing Lola to come into our lives.