Marley and Black Beauty

In March, Marley and the gorgeous Black Beauty went off to their forever home at Tamsin's equestrian shop.


Marley had been living on the streets for a while and he needed our help. He had an abscess under his chin which had become infected. We brought him into CP care and got him the veterinary attention he needed. After trying in vain to find his owner, and whilst we assessed and worked with him, we felt it would be best for him to be a farm cat, where he could get all the love and care he needed, but would still have the freedom of the great outdoors.

Black Beauty

Black Beauty was also a very sad case. We were alerted to him by a veterinary practice after a worried member of the public took him in because he was injured. The following day, after he had calmed down at bit, the vet decided to X-ray him. Upon reviewing the X-rays, the vet said that the injury to his leg was historic and the best thing for him would be to have it amputated.

He had to be on cage rest for 6-8 weeks, which gave our dedicated fosterer time to give him all the love he deserved and gave our Welfare Officer time to assess whether he would adapt to a home life.

A few hisses and lots of scratches later we knew he, like Marley, would need an outdoor life and set about trying to find the perfect home for both of them.

Our prayers were answered when the lovely Tamsin came forward to offer two cats a loving home in her equestrian shop. We told her the stories of Marley and Black Beauty and she immediately said she wanted them.

They are settling in to life very well and are enjoying watching the members of the public as they visit the shop.

Thank you to the kind and generous supporters who helped raise £292 towards the treatment of Black Beauty's operation. He has adapted well to life on three legs.