The Von CatTrapp family

A house-share of busy young men alerted us to a small black and white cat and her five kittens that had taken up residence in a sheltered corner of their garden in Conniburrow. They were taking it in turns to feed this hungry mother and her kittens and asked CP for advice.
Mother cat and four kittens feeding
Mike, one of our Lost and Found volunteers, visited and saw that this family's home was between the garden fence and a brick wall, covered over by a thick hedge and when they came out for food they could vanish, out of reach, in an instant.
All our foster spaces were full but we contacted the RSPCA who managed to make space and agreed to keep it available for this family. All we had to do now was get hold of them.
Over a few days, mother cat came to trust her feeders and showed herself to be very friendly but her kittens would only come from their hiding place when she called and reassured them.
Friday – Mike set up a communal trap and the same day the men of the house saw the mother and 4 of her kittens feeding happily in it. Kitten number 5 was very wary and stayed behind the fence only venturing out when nobody was in the garden.
Saturday – Mike set the trap (a length of string through a window – very technical!) and captured mother and the 4 kittens. Number 5 had been seen earlier but was hiding again. Cats that have been trapped are almost impossible to trap again. After transferring the cats from the trap into carriers, Mike delivered them to the RSPCA and returned to Conniburrow with an automatic trap for Number 5.
Mother cat and four kittens in trap
Sunday – The automatic trap was empty and the food left for Number 5 uneaten, but he was heard crying. Mike visited to check and just missed grabbing Number 5 as the kitten darted across his path into the hiding place. (That must be age slowing down his reaction time!)
Monday morning – Number 5 was in the trap at half seven so Mike picked him up immediately and took him to the RSPCA. He was reluctant to leave the trap but was then happy to be reunited with his family.
What a relief!
This little family are now safe and being tended to thanks to the goodwill and co-operation of Charlie, Ben and Joe at the house in Conniburrow, Sue and Sally at the Milton Keynes Branch of the RSPCA.
If you are interested in helping cats like these please see our volunteering pages for more information.