Tiggy relaxing
Just a short note to say thank you to CP and let you know how happy Tiggy and I both are 6 weeks on:
Tiggy was rescued from a greenhouse near Buckingham but beyond that I don’t know much about her history. She is very sweet and affectionate with me but still runs and hides when anyone new comes along. Tiggy is a lap-seeking missile! She also likes head rubbing and dribbles and purrs when happy. She sleeps curled up next to me at night and then jumps all over me from around 5:30am - I get up at 6am so it's no bad thing that she make sure I'm awake. She particularly loves fresh catnip (thanks to Paola for supplying) so has destroyed all that I have planted.
She loves being outside but is still not keen on other cats, however friendly and persistent they are, like two of the neighbourhood boys. Hopefully she will learn to play nicely, else they will have to make do with hissing and a thumping!
Tiggy sitting
Thanks again to Roxie (fosterer) and Amy (cat-cuddler!) and to Paola for the home visit (and subsequent catch ups over coffee and visiting her cats). Everyone has been so lovely and helpful.
I’m now a Lost and Found volunteer with CP and also help out on fundraising stalls and with events across Milton Keynes.
Happy ending for Tiggy and nice beginnings for me :-)

If you'd like to volunteer like Lucy there's more information here