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New Bradwell Carnival, Jollyes and HULA

16 July 2018
New Bradwell Carnival, Jollyes and HULA

Wow - it was hot this weekend!

New Bradwell Carnival on Satuday started busy but then seemed to go a bit quiet. The walking balloons and lucky dip were both very popular, and we sold out of our colourful sand-filled cats.

We were at Jollyes also on Saturday and that too went quiet in the afternoon (possibly there was some sort of sporting event on!) Even so, people showed us photos of their cats and there were some dogs for Jean to say hello to.

When HULA's Fete and Dog Show quieted in the afternoon that gave the fundraisers a chance to get ice creams. The Dog Show part was wisely cancelled due to the heat but there were lots of visiting dogs - quite a few of them lying in the shade of our gazebo.

Over the weekend we raised nearly £410 - well-deserved cold drinks all round!