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Pets at Home and Bunnings

27 March 2018
Pets at Home and Bunnings

We had a great fundraising weekend at Pets at Home and Bunnings!

At Pets at Home there were lots of dogs and puppies for Jean to say hello to, but the cats whizzed by in baskets so there was little chance for conversation.

Lots of people came in for their Simon’s Cats badges and we helped some people with cat advice.

Even though the days started quietly, we soon became busy so, from raffle tickets, stock and donations, we raised nearly £690 – not including donations at the till and the proceeds from the sale of the Simon’s Cats badges.

At Bunnings on Saturday we raised enough to vaccinate 11 cats against flu and other diseases.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by, said hello and donated or bought something from us – and to those volunteers who helped on the stalls, and by cooking and baking.

Pets at Home stand