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World Spay Day

24 February 2018
World Spay Day

We’re offering the chance for kittens and cats to be neutered for FREE between 25th February and 2nd March as part of World Spay Day, which is Tuesday 27th February. Here's more information about World Spay Day.

Neutering your cat is a simple operation, with many health benefits. Essential for preventing unwanted kittens and reducing the spread of disease, CP advises that owners neuter their cats from four months of age or younger. Click here for more information about the benefits of neutering your cat.

For more information and to request your neutering voucher:

Email neutering@mkcats.org.uk with 'World Spay Day' as the subject. Include the name, age, colour and gender of your cat or kitten along with your name, address, contact details and the vets you will be using.

Please note: the voucher must be requested by 5pm on 1st March and will be issued direct to the vet. The voucher remains valid for neutering until 30th April. Voucher recipient must live in MK1-MK45 postcodes.

Please bear with us as we expect this offer to be popular - we issued 700 vouchers on our last neutering campaign. If you haven't heard anything after three weeks from applying, please re-send your request.

If you have any questions please call us on 01908 984 799.