Instructions for registering, then using Easyfundraising.com

First you need to register
Click on “Register now” top right of screen
Click on “Support your cause”
Enter “Cats Protection Minehead” in the search box
Click “Support” on the drop down “Cats Protection Minehead”
Fill in the form, choose a password
It then asks you for your address so it can also donate Gift Aid to your chosen charity
Click on “Submit Gift Aid donations”
Once you've registered, sites that are in the scheme will automatically send a percentage of what you spent with them – to your chosen charity.
Beware – if you don't specify Minehead, the money will go to the central Cats Protection – which is obviously a good cause, but we would rather the money come to our local branch to help Minehead and District Branch to continue.
So, if you buy some books from Amazon, for example, 2.5% of what you pay to Amazon, comes to Cats Protection Minehead. If you register for Gift Aid the charity gets even more – and it doesn't cost you a penny!!!!
Find & Remind. This is something you can download to make it easier to use
You can use Find & Remind to search for easyfundraising retailers and it will automatically provide a handy drop-down reminder every time you visit one site in the scheme. This helps you use the system more easily.

When you shop
When you are ready to shop - go to the easyfundraising site - it will say your name at the top of the screen, and also, a few lines down it tells you which charity you have registered to support. Use the Search Box to find the website you want to shop with, click on the green "Go shopping and raise funds" box and proceed as normal. Buy your item/s and raise money for CP Minehead!
(There can sometimes be a top limit to the donation, so consider making several purchases rather than one in these cases)