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Catch 'em all in our Pokemon hotspots

30 July 2016

Are you hooked on Pokemon Go? Thousands of people around the country have become engrossed in the game that sees wannabe trainers catch, train and battle Pokémon.

For anyone who hasn’t played, the app lets players travel around a map using a phone’s GPS location data. There are Pokemon to be caught in almost every place across the country, with Pokestops (usually landmarks or buildings) serving as places to collect Pokeballs, potions and eggs.

If you’re still on the hunt for an elusive Pikachu however, we’ve got insider information on the best Pokestops near Cats Protection sites. From our charity shops to Adoption Centres and even the National Cat Centre, our list of hotspots will help you combine your obsession for Pokemon Go with your passion for cats.

Double up your interactive experience by visiting one of our Homing and Information Centres or visit some of the gorgeous cats in our care. You’re bound to find a place to visit in your local area, and you might just catch some Pokemon too!

For the full list of Pokestops near Cats Protection sites, visit our blog