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The Darkness singer reunited with missing cat thanks to microchip

23 June 2016
The Darkness singer reunited with missing cat thanks to microchip

Cats Protection has reunited The Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins with his pet cat – three years after she went missing.

Justin’s ten-year-old cat Cully was handed into Cats Protection’s Anglia Coastal Branch after being found living as a stray in Lowestoft, Suffolk. After a routine scan for a microchip, it was revealed that the Bengal cat did have an owner – singer and lead guitarist Justin, one of Lowestoft’s most famous former residents.

Branch Coordinator Delphine Wood was quickly able to make contact with Justin, who took a break from a hectic tour schedule to travel to the UK and collect Cully.

Delphine said: “We get lots of strays and sadly many are not microchipped, so we’re always pleased if we find one.”

She added: “This story goes to show why microchipping is so important – had Cully not been microchipped we would never have been able to reunite her, and Justin would never have known what had happened to his much-loved pet.”

After contacting Justin, Cats Protection volunteers arranged for her to have the necessary vaccinations to be able to travel to Switzerland, where Justin now lives.

Justin said: “Losing Cully was heart-breaking for me and my family but I always knew in my heart that she was still alive; I could just feel it. She always loved the great outdoors.”

 “I periodically checked in with the relevant databases and kept my details up-to-date because I knew this day would come. Thanks to Delphine’s terrific work, Cully can home at last.”

While this story has a happy ending, many cats are never reunited with their owners. Cats Protection microchips an estimated 31,000 cats a year. To find out more about the benefits of microchipping, visit the website.