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What sort of cat should you adopt? The results

06 August 2016
What sort of cat should you adopt? The results

If you’re looking to home a cat, it is important that you and your new pet are the right fit for each other. Whether it’s your lifestyle, the space your cat will be living in or your future plans, getting the right cat for you is as important as homing a cat itself.

If you’re pondering on what sort of cat might be right for you, you might have taken our new quiz. It has given many potential adopters a glimpse into what kind of feline they should look to rehome and the results were quite surprising!

56% of those that took the quiz were told to consider an older cat or cat with a disability, while 13% were told to consider homing a kitten. While getting a kitten can be exciting for some, older cats can offer some charming qualities –older cats tend to stay closer to home and appreciate affection. Disabled cats can also make excellent indoor pets and have plenty of love to give.

If you fancy taking the quiz, click here.

You can find out more about our quiz results on the blog.

Our quiz is intended to be a bit of fun but if you’re serious about adopting a cat, please get in touch with your local Cats Protection branch and they’ll help to match you with the right cat for your home.