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Do your students want to learn about the work of Cats Protection?

09 November 2015

Are you a teacher? Do you lead a Scout or Brownie group? Would your group or organisation be interested in learning more about cats and animal welfare? One of Cats Protection’s key aims is to educate people about cats and their care.We believe that helping people to learn will ultimately contribute to achieving our vision of a world where every cat is treated with kindness and an understanding of its needs. Cats ...

Helping your cat cope with firework season

02 November 2015

While firework displays are great fun for us human, they can be very distressing for our pets. Cats have much better hearing than humans, so they might be scared by fireworks far away that we don't even realise are being let off. With Bonfire Night looming if you have cats or kittens you should consider taking the following steps in November to keep them happy and safe. Keep your cat shut inside during firework season, particularly at nighttime when ...