Sketch Appeal

Sketch is a beautiful 9 year old cat who was handed into the care of Montrose & Brechin branch following behavioural problems in the home.

With full health screening and close monitoring it soon became apparent that Sketch was being a naughty girl, and there were physical reasons for her behaviour.  Despite being neutered, her hormones were truly being horror-moans and once giving treatment, she soon became a settled, happy kitty again.  Sketch will require these injections several times throughout the year for the rest of her life.

In addition, Sketch was also found to have a cystic kidney (is it any wonder the poor girl was in pain!) and the recent flare up treated, this has also settled but will require ongoing monitoring for life, and symptoms treated as and when they arise.

The branch are appealling for help towards her medical costs  (currently around £600) so this friendly feline can have a chance at a quality life, when suitable adopters have been found.

You can help Sketch by visiting/donating via Justgiving at:
or send a text message with the amount of your choice (£1, £2, £3, £5, £10):
SKET68 £3
to 70070
Gift Aid instructions will be sent by return  - please follow these instructions if you are a UK tax payer eligible for Giftaid otherwise Sketch won't receive your full donation as justgiving take a small fee from the donation before the branch receive payment.  Giftaid doesn't cost the donor any extra, but increases the value of your donation to us.

Any funds raised over and above the cost of Sketch's current and future medical care, will be used for other cats in the care of Montrose & Brechin branch.