Lost and Found

What to do if you think you have lost your cat

  • Search your home thoroughly, checking wardrobes etc.
  • Check sheds and garages
  • Speak to neighbours and ask them to check their gardens and outhouses
  • Walk round your neighbourhood calling for your cat - perhaps rattle his favourite biscuit packet.
  • Place your cat's litter tray in the garden if available to put his scent in the air to encourage him home.
  • Try leaving a piece of his favourite person's unwashed clothing outside to scent the air and entice him home. 
  • Ask regular callers to your home such as postmen and refuse collectors to keep an eye out for your cat
  • If there is building work being carried out nearby speak to the workmen and ask them to keep an eye out for your cat
  • Call local vets and Montrose & Brechin Branch of Cats Protection (0345 3712738) in case your cat has been found and regarded as a 'stray', or has been injured.
  • Consider making posters using an up to date photo of your cat to place in local vet surgeries, pet shops, supermarkets etc.
  • Consider placing an advert in your local paper
  • Don't give up!
    Call us on 0345 3712738 to have your cat placed on our 'missing cat register' and ask us for free copies of our 'Lost Cat'  posters which you to  can put up in your area highlighting your cat's details. Remember all healthy cats are available for rehoming after being with us for 2 weeks. This is a reasonable time for owners to have contacted Cats Protection to see if their cat has found its way to them, or for them to have your cats details in case it comes their way. Better still, consider microchipping your cat in order that it may quickly be returned to you.


    Consider having your cat microchipped so that he/she is easily identified by animal agencies and vets should he/she wander off again.

    Remember to remove any posters and inform agencies / vets which may have your cat listed as 'missing'.

    If you find a cat

  • Speak to neighbours - it may be a new cat to the neighbourhood
  • Contact Montrose & Brechin Cats Protection 0345 3712738 to report the cat  as a possible stray.They will arrange for the cat to be scanned to see if it is microchipped and identify its owner.
  • Cats Protection can provide special collars requesting an owner to contact us. It is not unusual for a cat to 'foster' second homes
  • If you think the cat is injured or appears poorly please mention this when you first report the cat as a stray and veterinary care will be arranged
  • We may have to arrange to support the cat at your premises for a few days if our pens are full to capacity, or until a foster home can be identified, but we will take the cat as soon as we can if we have been unable to identify its owner. 
  • If advertising you have found a cat online, such as on Facebook please do not put up a photo of the cat which shows it's entire body. This prevents anyone claiming to be the owner when they are not. Please try to omit useful identifying marks which would be known to a real owner such as white feet, tail markings etc.