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Raise funds for Cats Protection with Cards for Causes

08 April 2016
Raise funds for Cats Protection with Cards for Causes

With the launch of our new partnership with Cards for Causes, you can now raise up to 6 per cent in donations for Cats Protection just by spending or topping up on your store cards.

Cards for Causes has an extensive range of shopping cards and e-vouchers from popular stores and services – from Marks and Spencers and Argos to Starbucks, Caffe Nero and even Cineworld. The cards can be used for one-off purchases, everyday shopping or to be given as a gift, both in store and online. Each time you purchase one or top it up, Cats Protection will benefit from up to 6 per cent of the amount at no cost to you – ideal if you want to raise money as you shop.

With Cards for Causes, you could make a real difference. On average, it costs Cats Protection around £2 to cover the entire cost of care for a cat each day. By spending £20 per week on your morning coffee at Starbucks or Caffe Nero, you could raise £60 per year, covering the entire cost of a cat’s care for a month. A family with a weekly grocery shop of £150 could raise around £200, enough to microchip 40 cats.

How it works:

• Simply follow this web link to visit the Cards for Causes website – following this link will automatically select Cats Protection as your chosen charity.

• Select an e-voucher or store card. You can filter by card type as well as whether you want to use this online or in store.

• A percentage of your purchase will be donated to Cats Protection.

• Cats Protection will continue to receive a donation every time you top up your card or purchase additional cards for yourself or as gifts.